Differences Between Alder & Alder II

Alder vs Alder II

Of all the questions we get asked by customers, one of the most frequent of all is, "What is the difference between Alder and Alder ll?" We'd like to highlight the key differences between one of our most popular styles, the Alder.

alder vs alder II

Four Main Components

The main differences between our Alder and Alder ll can be found within four main components of the shoes: the stitching, sole, laces, and welt.

alder parts


The toe cap stitching difference between Alder and Alder ll are slight, but significant. The original Alder has a seamless folded-over cap toe, while the  Alder ll has a toe cap with partial stitching and inverted seam.

Alder captoe stitching


Our earlier Alder designs came with round laces, but recently, we made the switch over to using flat laces because they are more durable and universal. Now, both the Alder and Alder II come with flat laces.

alder laces


The sole of a shoe can change its functionality more than one might think. Recently, we've made some big changes to the soles of Alder and Alder II. Alder now features a full rubber heel for added traction and comfort. Alder II features a more robust rubber midsole and heel that originally comes from our Charlton boot. 


One of the biggest and most noticeable differences between Alder and Alder ll is the 3/4 Storm Welt. While both styles are Good Year welted, the Alder has a traditional 3/4 welt and the Alder II has a 3/4 Storm Welt with a rivet.

alder welt

Something for Everyone

Whether you're rockin' Alder or Alder II you can be styling in comfort knowing each of our shoes are made with the same dedication and care as the next. At the end of the day, the best choice between each style is up to you, depending on one's own preference of style and design - neither is better than the other.

alder vs alder II


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