Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact our helpful customer support team if your question is not answered below.
What is your return policy?
We accept returns on items that are in new, unworn, unaltered condition if requested within 14 days of receiving the shoes. Items must be sent back in its original packaging, with no signs of wear.
How do I being a return?
Please begin your return here.
How do I send back my order?
To request a return, please enter your Order Number and Email Address to initiate a return request. Once your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with shipping guidelines.
How long does it take for a return to process?
Returns can take up to 5 days to process after they make it back to us. Once processed, a refund can take 1-2 billing cycles to appear on your bank statement depending on your credit card company.

If you are looking to exchange a pair, we suggest placing a new order for the size you’d like to ensure you get the size you need before it sells out.
I bought a pair of shoes on Sale, but they don't fit. What are my options?
All Sale items are final and are not eligible for a return or exchange.
How much is shipping?
We ship all orders within the contiguous U.S. at a flat rate ground shipping of $10. All shipments are shipped via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground.
What are my shipping options?
Shipping courier selected is used is based on location of destination.

Standard Shipping
  • USPS Priority Mail (1-2 days)
  • UPS Ground (3-5 days)
Express Shipping
  • Next business day
How do I track my order?
Once your order is processed you will receive a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number included. You can use this link to track the package along on its way to you.
Tracking says my package has been delivered, but I don't have it. What do I do?
We ship all packages through trusted couriers, but sometimes there can be delays. If your tracking mentions it has been delivered, we would first suggest checking with your neighbors to see if they received the package by mistake. At times, delivery messages are sent out prematurely at the post office instead of at its destination. In such cases, please give it a few hours and see if the package shows up.

If your neighborhood is prone to stolen packages, we would strongly suggest requesting a Signature Confirmation option at Checkout. This will ensure that your package is not left at your doorstep without the recipient’s signature.
What is your exchange policy?
We want you to find the perfect pair of Sutros. To make things easy and fast, we’d suggest you place a new order for the size you would like to exchange for and request a return for the original pair. We will issue a full refund for that pair once we receive it back.

This exchange process allows you to get the pair you need in a timely manner as opposed to waiting for the entire return process to be complete and run the risk of having the size you need sell out.
What is your exchange process?
To exchange for another pair, simply place a new order for the pair that you need.
I’d like to exchange for another size but the size is not available. What are my options?
We know how frustrating this can be. If you are looking for a size that is out of stock, please fill out the Out-of-Stock form located on the product page to let us know that you would like to be notified when the size/style is back in stock.

In the meantime, please send back the original pair for a full refund. We do not hold funds for any reason.
Do all Sutro shoes fit true to size?
All our lasts are on Standard / Medium / “D” width lasts. For more information, please refer to the size guide provided for each style.
How do I determine my size?
To measure your foot length, stand on a leveled floor with the back of your heels against a straight edge or wall. Measure your foot length by placing a ruler flat on the floor straight alongside the inside of your foot from your heel to toes. Place an object with a flat edge straight across your toes with the edge touching the tip of your longest toe. Take the measurement from the ruler where the flat edge crosses. This is your foot length measurement.

Tip: Do this preferably in the afternoon, when your feet are tired and tend to swell up a bit.
What if I’m between sizes?
If you are in between sizes, we’d suggest ordering a half size up.
What if my feet are narrow?
If you have a narrow foot, we suggest ordering your true size, not ordering down as sizing affects length, not width. We suggest wearing thicker socks or thinner insoles (ie Dr. Scholl’s).

All men’s products come with removable insoles in case you have a high insole that creates tightness on the top of your feet.
What if my feet are wide?
If you have a wide foot, we suggest ordering a half size up.
What if you don't offer my size?
Simply fill out the Notify Me When Available notification that pops up when you click on an out of stock item. We will notify you when your size is made and back in stock!
How long does it take for the leather to break in?
We use thick, beefy leathers and our custom-made double tanning process allows the leather to be soft and supple which reduces the break-in period considerably. We suggest wearing your boots with thin socks around the house for 2 hours at a time, for 4-5 times. This should be enough time for the leather to stretch enough and mold to your feet.

Note: Leather stretches in places where tension is applied. Thick, soft leathers prevent any over-stretching.
I just received my shoes. How do I know I bought the right size?
Try your boots on later in the day because that is when your foot has expanded and tends to be at its largest. Your foot should fit snugly in the boot. In boots, the heel counter should be slightly roomy, though not uncomfortably large to allow you to get them on and off. The vamp should feel snug, but not uncomfortably so. The toes should never feel crammed or overlap. They should lay flat and comfortably.

Note: In Sutro we use thick outer leather & full grain lining. While this ensures durability, allow some time to break the leather in.
Leather Shoe Care
How do I care for my shoes?
Over time, your shoes need some love. To care for your shoes, check out our Leather Shoe Care page.
Where are your materials sourced?
We source our leather from small US farms where cows roam free. Because of this, the hides we source have scratch marks, insect bites, as a result of the natural occurrences that transpired during the animal’s life. We believe this is what gives character to the leather and tells a unique story. So instead of hiding all the natural marks, we maintain these imperfections and the integrity of the leather through a custom-made double tanning process. This process is also in line with our aim at lowering our Carbon Footprint. Keeping leather as natural as possible, avoids a large dump of chemicals on leather.
Where are Sutros made?
Sutro is manufactured in Leon, Mexico, in a third-generation factory alongside the most reputable handmade brands in the market. This factory specializes 100% in handcraft footwear and nothing else.
What types of leather do you use?
We use 16 mm thick, full-grain leather for the upper and full glove leather lining. A custom Vegetal re-tanning process infuses natural oils and waxes in the leather fibers. Using substances such as beeswax and tree bark gives durability and rich patina that gets better with age. We partner with the most renowned tanneries in the US and Mexico to ensure that not only our leathers are sourced from boutique farms, but that they comply 100% with U.S. Environmental & Chemical requirements.
What is Sutro's tanning process?
In line with our hand-crafted boots, Low-Carbon Footprint, and respect for nature, we have adopted a custom made process with Vegetal re-tanning. This process infuses natural oils & waxes (i.e. palm oil & beeswax) into the leather fibers. The oils lubricate and hydrate the leather, while the wax reacts with exposure to the environment and with time develops a rich patina that looks better with age.

Vegetable tanning is the only tanning process that affords highs and lows in the leather tone. We avoid dump of harmful chemicals on our leathers and keep the leather as chemical free as possible. We showcase the life of the animal by displaying the marks, scratches, insect bites, all imperfections of its life.

In Chrome tanning process, chemicals "correct" or smooth all the wrinkles. That is why all Chrome/ Chromexcel leathers are smooth. Also due to the chemicals used in this tanning process, it is impossible to cream and burnish Chrome leathers. Therefore, the leather is always mono-tone.
What are the marks we see on the leather?
Our hides come from boutique farms where cows roam in pastures. As a result of natural events that occurred during animal’s life, you will see freckles, insect bites, scratch marks, birth defects, etc. This is a feature of natural leather and is a way to distinguish natural tanning from over worked and over processed tanning.
Why are there different textures on a pair of boots?
Each part of the boot is cut from a different area of the hide. Depending on the part, you will notice more or less wrinkles. In general, the back part has less wrinkles, the side and stomach have more. We use all parts of the hide that complies with our standard 16 mm thickness.
Why are there different tones from one pair to another?
Different parts of the leather have different pores and fibers that do not absorb cream uniformly. In addition, creaming and burnishing is done by hand. This gives way to beautiful highs and lows which is a mark of true handcraft.
My size is out of stock – What do I do?
All Sutro product is individually handcrafted and made in small batches. Because of this, we cannot produce large quantities which can often leave some sizes to be out of stock for periods of time.

Don’t be discouraged if your size is out. Submit an Out-of-Stock request for us to notify you when it’s available!
Why do some colors on the site look different from one another?
All Sutro products are handcreamed and polished using natural creams and polish. As a result, no two boots look the same. The variations in the tone are a testament to the nature of handcraft.
Why are so many sizes out of stock?
We know how frustrating it can be to find a pair you want and for it to be out of stock. We make sure to pay close attention when stock gets low and plan for restocks consistently. Due to limited production and leather availability, it can take some time for more stock to arrive. Please make sure to submit you a request through our Out-of-Stock form to be notified as soon as a new shipment arrives and for you to get your hands on them before anyone else!
Can I customize a pair?
Due to limited production, we don’t have a set ongoing customization option, however we are always open to suggestions and feedback. Have the perfect boot in mind? Share your ideas with us!