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Our Approach

Designed With Intention. Crafted With Quality.

With backgrounds in engineering and over 30+ years in retail, we combine both areas of experience when designing every Sutro style. 

Our Leather:

All Sutro shoes are made with Full Grain Leather, the highest quality leather on the market. We aim for the best quality because we believe in the natural characteristics that lie within the leather — the natural blemishes and imperfections are what we strive to maintain through the process. 


Our Aim:

Most leathers on the market aka “Genuine Leathers” are smooth and blemish free, which deceptively promote “high-quality” in the eye of the consumer. 

We take the opposite approach. We strive for the rugged, vintage look. Simple designs and sophisticated components are two key steps we take in obtaining the "vintage" look. The handcrafted nature of our production is what allows there to be variations in every pair of Sutro. The older the shoe gets, the more the natural characteristics of the leather begin to show.

Leather Treatment:

Our leather is naturally treated using natural oils — no use of harmful chemicals. We finish our shoes off with natural cream to preserve the natural characteristics within the leather. 

Sutro Tip: Simply rub your shoes down with a soft cloth and watch the natural characteristics of the leather be brought back to life in the matter of seconds! Why? The contact made by rubbing the surface of the leather brings out the shine from the natural oils.



Because of the natural treatment of our products, our shoes are not waterproofed and will not repel water. 

Warning: Waterproof sprays can eat through leather and permanently damage the leather if not sprayed correctly which may leave unwanted water stains.

To protect and preserve the look of leather, we suggest using Mink Oil, a product that helps protect and prolong the look of leather.



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