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Why San Francisco?

Born in San Francisco

From its architecture to its scenic views, to its diverse neighborhoods and its vibrant people, there’s no denying the city is uniquely beautiful and rich in culture. As a brand born in the beautiful city of San Francisco, Sutro Footwear strives to pay tribute to the city that has inspired us to create quality footwear for those who seek it.

Sutro Name

“Sutro” is named after the notable 24th mayor of San Francisco, Adolph Sutro, known for his contributions to landmarks across the city. Landmarks in the city that share the Sutro namesake are the famous Sutro Baths and Sutro Tower.

Sutro Products

Each Sutro shoe has its own story.  Ever wonder where we get the names for our products? Look no further than the streets within the city! That’s right, all Sutro products are named after the streets of the city themselves. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a purchase of a Sutro shoe means you can take a little part of the city wherever you go! 

 Next time you’re in the city, snap a photo of a spotted street sign and share it with us!



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