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Fine handcraft, unbelievable comfort, at half the cost of brand name prices

Sutro's Philosophy

Superior Handcraft

Our boots are made in a third-generation, goodyear welt factory alongside reputable footwear companies in the industry. Each boot takes ~200 steps to complete. The finished product bears the experience of skilled artisans that needs to be touched to be fully appreciated.

Premium Materials

We work with world renowned tanneries. All Sutro leathers are sourced from small farms in the U.S. Our custom made tanning process avoids the use of harmful chemicals while maintaining the beauty & durability of natural leather.

Honest Pricing

It is possible to have boots that rival the best brands in the market at half their costs. Our direct, factory-to-consumer model added to our low carbon footprint approach keeps the cost low.

An aim at a Lower Carbon Footprint

Handcraft production uses less machinery, less fuel consumption, less electricity. Additionally, utilizing more natural methods of tanning leads to less dumping of chemicals. We support small farms where animals roam free, as is their nature. Cow’s hooves are highly effective in trampling vegetation, creating an armor to protect the soil from desiccation, wind & water erosion, and promoting water infiltration.

San Francisco

Born in San Francisco, we take inspiration from our customers to make shoes for city living & beyond

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