Leather Shoe Care Tips

Undoubtedly, leather is the most durable, elegant, and recommended shoe material. But over time due to wear and tear, leather can fade. But don't worry, today you will learn how to keep your leather boots in good form. We will also tell you about our leather care kit which is the best kit to use with your Sutros. 

Take a look at your shoes in the rack. Are most of your shoes made of leather? We would wager that the majority of your shoe collection is made from various kinds of leather. From full-grain to split-suede, these beautifully tanned leathers are durable, reliable, stylish, and classic.

But despite being a natural and durable material, they still demand a certain level of care. It doesn't matter if they are brogues, boots, or sneakers, your leather shoes require ultimate care. However, cleaning and conditioning are the best simple ways to increase their lifespan. So, what are you waiting for? Unlace your leather shoes, show them a bit care, and invest in the best shoe kit. 

Step #1: Cleaning

One of the best leather shoe care tips is cleaning. Your boots are a crucial part of your personality. They can make or break your first impression on anyone. However, these are actually the first thing people notice in your personality. They strike the ground, face dirt, grime, and stand strong against snow and greasy substances, but at the end of the day, they need care and cleanliness. 

Products for cleaning:

A piece of old cloth

A good quality brush

Slightly damp rag

Saddle soap

First, remove the laces. Put the pairs of leather shoes on a surface and start cleaning them with a piece of cloth. You need to remove loose dirt because it can damage the leather. Once done, use a damp rag and rub saddle soap over the shoes. Brush the leather; it will give a shiny boost to your boots. Let your leather boots set and dry for 10 minutes in open air.  

Step #2: Conditioning

Dirt and grime are not only things that reduce the lifespan of leather boots, but it also severely damages the leather which results in visible cracks. Unfortunately, there is no permanent way to recover the shine of the boots once that happens.  

The Solution? Well, prevention is the best! Keep leather supple by reducing its contact with weather. It's necessary to condition leather shoes. 

Materials needed for conditioning:

A piece of old cloth

A good quality conditioner 

A small applicator brush 

2 pieces of dry clean rags 

Now start removing the dirt by rubbing the shoe with a  dry rag. Then apply leather conditioner. Make sure it doesn’t fade off the original color of leather boots. You can do spot-test on your light-colored boots near the tongue area. Wait for a few hours prior to checking results; if the darkening is not too bad, then it is safe to use conditioner. 

Now pour the conditioner on a second rag and rub it on your boots in circular motions. If it’s absorbing quickly, you can use 2-3 applications. When you see that boots stop absorbing the conditioner and the leather feels damp, then you’re done. Leave the shoes to dry for 20 minutes, but make sure you remove the excess conditioner. Let your boots rest for 12 hours, and then give a rub with another dry rag to shine. If you follow all leather shoe care tips, then you will get the desired result.

Step #3: Polishing

This step is optional because conditioning is will suffice, but if you polish leather, then it can increase smoothness. 

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