Minimalist Living

Silver Linings of the Shelter-in-Place

Being cooped up in our homes during this shelter-in-place has allowed us to reevaluate the lifestyles we’ve been pursuing up until this point. Lots of individuals have taken this time to organize and sort through their belongings, causing them to reflect on how much they’ve been placing value on materialistic objects. This shelter-in-place has inflicted the silver lining of new lifestyle perspectives reflective of minimal living, which shifts our attention towards our personal value systems. 

Prior to this shelter-in-place, most of us followed such demanding, fast-paced routines that have made it difficult for us to prioritize factors pertaining to our loved ones and our own well-being. We’re now granted this unique opportunity to spend quality time with people we care for, reminding us the importance of the personal connections we have in our lives. Many have found how humbling this shelter-in-place has been as it makes us contemplate what we’ve been focusing on versus what’s actually important to us.

The acts of sizing down on our belongings and strengthening relationships are just a few of many beneficial takeaways that surround the concept of minimalist living. Take this quarantine to consider how a minimal lifestyle can be an advantageous approach to your life. Tackle this new approach by starting off small.

What does a minimalist lifestyle entail?

Minimalist living consciously focuses on an individual’s personal needs over the distraction of excess possessions. As this definition conventionally portrays a “less is more” mentality, it’s advantageous to think of it the other way around. What you choose to incorporate in your life outside of materialistic objects is the biggest reward of minimalist living. 

Rather than being a victim of consumerism, a minimalist lifestyle pursues gratitude and substance. It allows you to be mindful of how present you are with yourself and with the individuals you’re surrounded by. There’s a deeper understanding of the self and relationships as the bond that’s typically held with objects shifts over to the bond you hold with the people who mean the most to you--including yourself.

A minimalist lifestyle makes improvements beyond just yourself--it improves our world’s ecosystem. Statistics display that in America, individuals produce around 710.6 pounds of recycled goods and 1,361.4 pounds of trash on average per year. We’re all capable of reducing these statistics by catering to our needs rather than catering to our wants. Minimalist living encourages you to only buy what’s necessary and what will last you for an extended period of time. We can also take this time to give back to our community. As opposed to simply tossing your belongings in waste bins, consider donating your reusable items to local charities that are always in need of some aid. Use the minimalist mindset to be kind to both the environment and to your community. 

Sutro Living

Our intentions at Sutro extend further than the standard label of being a fashion footwear brand. We promote practicality and consistency, which are delivered through our minimalist methods when producing and promoting our boots. Our vision travels beyond shoemaking as we strive to touch on substantial ways of living and encourage our community to be the best versions of themselves.

Sutro utilizes minimalist strategies when designing new styles as we consider the comfortability, durability, and precision of each product we create. These three qualities support our encouragement of minimalist living as we continue to create products that will last for an extended period of time in terms of physical durability and style versatility. This ties in with our philosophy of buying less and buying smart.

When it comes to style and fashion, we think practically and in terms of necessities. We purposely cultivate concise collections to emphasize the fact that you can do more with less. Our products are designed to spice up a diverse range of styles through their subtlety. Sutro invites you to carefully dissect your closet and analyze which articles of clothing are actually of use and which articles of clothing are products of impulse buying. We aim for our boots to be an item of clothing that sits in your closet the least and be worn the most. Sutro continues to apply the minimalist approach in production to deliver nothing short of value.

We here at Sutro hope that you all remain safe and continue to stay positive through this shelter-in-place. Our hope is that you adapt the approach of Sutro living and minimalist living during this quarantine to strengthen your lifestyles and set you up for nothing but success when all returns to normalcy.