Self-Care While Sheltering-In-Place

Restless and impatient--it’s safe to say that these two emotions have been challenging us as we’re nearing the highly anticipated end of this ordered shelter-in-place. Being cooped up in our homes for these past few weeks hasn’t always been a positive experience, but it’s been up to us to reframe the perspective. One of the best things you can do for yourself during this time is prioritize the incorporation of self-care in your routine. The act of self-care allows our needs to be acknowledged and met-- especially during a time where it’s so easy to lose our sense of equilibrium. Here are a few areas of self-care that can surely be included in your routine:

Mindful Eating

It’s been proven that your general mood and your mental health are directly correlated with your diet. Eating healthy and staying hydrated throughout the day are two easy ways to cater to self-care. Utilize resources similar to the Daily Water Tracker Reminder app (iPhone compatible and Android compatible) to hold yourself accountable for hydration. There are also plenty of healthy recipes out there that can transform the chore of cooking into one of your newfound hobbies during this shelter-in-place. You can also consider meal subscription boxes to ease your anxieties about grocery shopping as we practice social distancing. Take this time to be intentional when it comes to what you allow in your body.

Enforce a Stable Sleep Schedule

Our minds and bodies are constantly exerting energy throughout our routines--particularly during our time in quarantine. As much energy that’s exerted is as much rest that we should account for. Set a practical bedtime to strive for everyday. If you have trouble falling asleep, get cozy with a cup of bedtime tea and utilize apps such as Sleep by Headspace that naturally induce sleep through mediation. Prioritizing good sleeping habits translates to prioritizing the care that your body deserves.

Keeping Clean

The upkeep of our organization and cleanliness is a direct reflection of our mental health and self-care. A cluttered space is perceived to represent a cluttered mind. Take advantage of this shelter-in-place as it grants you the time to tidy up your home. Organization consultant, Marie Kondo, serves as a substantial reference when it comes to keeping clean as she teaches us how to effectively rearrange our homes during this quarantine. It’s also vital to keep up with the cleanliness of our personal hygiene as it’ll perpetuate a “look good, feel good” mentality. This form of self-care will give you that boost of confidence you need and simultaneously strengthen your self-esteem.

Workout Regularly

We all know how tough it is to get ourselves to workout, so actually dedicating time to follow through with it is super gratifying. Although lounging on your couch, binge-watching a new series sounds heavenly during this quarantine, dedicate some time to partake in at-home workouts that’ll keep your body going. Scout some workouts similar to this 30-day strength training routine that appropriately match your goals when it comes to exercise. Endorphins in the brain are released while you workout, encouraging a happily rejuvenated well-being. These endorphins help reduce stress and manage depression. You can also utilize working out as a healthy outlet to release your bottled up frustrations and anger, easing your mind from these uncomfortable feelings. The impact that exercise has when it comes to self-care influences us to make choices that improve our mental and physical health.

Reflect Through Journaling

Journaling serves as a tool that measures your growth and personal progress. Journals record the good, the bad, and anything in between. They give you the freedom to be completely honest with yourself, which isn’t always an easy thing to accomplish. Having a record of what you’ve endured and what goals you’ve accomplished validates your worth, which is crucial to self-care. In times similar to this shelter-in-place, it’s helpful to journal as it provides you the space to keep in touch with your inner-self and shed light on your needs. There are plenty of online journaling resources out there that are easily accessible. While we’re in quarantine, take the time to give yourself some positive affirmations and reflect on your situation through journaling. This will set the tone for how you take control over this unique situation that we’re in.

Figure out what self-care looks like for you. As we’re approaching the anticipated end of the shelter-in-place, find stability through care that you provide for yourself. Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty we’re experiencing, perpetuate consistency through whatever forms of self-care work for you. Let's finish this shelter-in-place off on a positive note as we consciously make the effort to become improved versions of ourselves.