Sutro Adventures | Mojave Desert

Last month, Sutro got down and dirty in the hot desert heat. Talented friends and southern California natives Taylor, Nichole, and Roxette took a drive down to the dry, barren landscape of the Mojave Desert for a full day of shooting and they decided to take Sutro along for the ride. The result: some pretty epic shots! 


Taylor Stoffers (photographer) gives us an inside-look into the concept behind the shoot and gives a run down of the day:

Location: El Mirage, CA

"We left Los Angeles with a fully packed car full of gear, models and of course fresh pairs of Sutro boots and shoes. The location I decided on was the dry lake bed of El Mirage just outside of Adelanto, CA. It was a hot and very windy day in the desert. As a result, we managed some very dramatic "hair-blowing-in-the-wind" shots."

Boots: Mendelle Redbrown

Oxfords: Balance Cognac
"The styling was intended to be a mix of Tomb Raider vibes with the military fatigued pants and laced up boots, and elegant, wanderlust, & free spirited with the dress choices." 

"The record player and Polaroid camera were just props I happen to have in the trunk of the car that I thought would lend a gun theme for the beginning of our shoot to loosen everyone up."

Mules: Tapia Black
"We wrapped at about 8pm in the dry lake bed and had to meander around until we finally managed to find the dirt road to lead us back towards the long desert road back to Los Angeles. Success." 

As the sun begins to go down, Taylor steps out from behind the camera and in front of the camera to model his own pair of Alder boots.

Boots: Alder II Ciclon
The trio take one last photo together to conclude the photoshoot and that's a wrap!




We'd like to give a HUGE shoutout to Taylor, Nichole, and Roxette for taking Sutro along with them on their day at the desert! We are honored to have been a part of this project. All we can say is that we are definitely feeling the #desertvibes and hope you are too!
To see more of each of their individual work, check them out:

Taylor Stoffers
IG: @tstoff

Nichole  Huenergardt

Roxette Arisa Howe