Sutro Footwear x Seattle Gents Collaboration


Seattle Gents is an emerging group of menswear enthusiasts who have a passion for fashion, events, and Seattle lifestyle. They are the ultimate link to Seattle’s top male influencers and beyond. We partnered up with Seattle Gents to create this menswear lookbook and showcase the beautiful city of Seattle, WA, and to give you some outfit inspiration on what to wear with your Sutros.


Meet the Gents


"I'm excited to play with a grey shoe; there is a sold balance of what I can do with it. From dark jeans with an earthy toned top, think blazer or sweater, to wearing it with a suit and tie. It’s tough to pigeon hole it into one thing, I feel that the grey boot might become my camel coat of footwear, goes well in upper casual or in business, goes well just about anywhere and is a welcome change from the standard brown belt and brown shoe."

Wearing Alder Dark Grey
Size 9.5

"The first thing that I loved about my Sutro shoes was how fantastic the packaging was. It came with a handwritten letter from the team with my name on it. This made it a very personal experience for me. When I saw the pair of Larkin II , I was in immediate awe as the pair of oxfords just brings a look of high quality and class. Just from a glance, I knew that it was hand crafted with the utmost care. And it couldn't get any better because the moment I snuck my feet in the pair of shoes, I felt as if I have stepped on a pair of clouds. They were extremely comfy and the fit was perfect. If I could style my Larkin II shoes, I would pair it with a classic dark navy suit or with casual cuffed dark jeans. These shoes would fit in any occasion honestly."

Wearing Larkin Redbrown
Size 8.5

"My name is Antonio Smith, full time creative, advocate of men’s style. What I like most about the Charlton Mahogany boot is how comfortable they are right out of the box. These boots have a worn in feeling that you don’t find in other brands. I would style these boots fully laced with slim fitting pants tucked in the top."

Wearing Charlton Mahogany
Size 13

"I love Sutro, aside from the truly unique aesthetic, of brand, these shoes are ridiculously comfortable. Never have I worn such a soft and almost memory foam like leather shoe before. I was pleasantly surprised and to be honest, will look at other dress shoes differently moving forward. I choose to wear a more casual fit with my pair of Moss Sutro shoes, as the style of the brand is extremely versatile, but will most certainly wear this brand with a suit in the future."

Wearing Moss Black
Size 10.5

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