3 Ways to Wear Your Honey Boots

Our honey boots look fantastic with almost anything; you can wear honey boots with jeans, flannel, corduroy, tweed, worsted. The list goes on. Unlike any other color in our collection, our honey boots come in a huge variety of natural tones and shades which allows you to create a unique boot collection. Below are a few useful tips for how to wear your honey boots.

1. Add color to formal or business attire

Brown or Honey-toned shoes are great to wear for business or formal attire because it is a funkier, more bold alternative to the classic black dress shoe. Pair your shoes with brighter tones and lighter washes of fabric. For example, light grey's and navy's are a great pair with honey boots. The color contrast will brighten bring out the colors of both the shoes and the outfit. 

Going to a black tie event? No worries! With our black boot collection, you will be able take the comfort and fit from your favorite honey boot with you anywhere.


2. Elevate your cool and casual wear

ways to wear your honey photos

Honey is a more relaxed and casual color to rock during laid-back days. The boots go perfectly with any pair of jeans and a casual t-shirt. Neutral and earthy tones work best with your honey boots in a casual setting. Substituting sneakers for any of our honey boots will elevate any casual outfit to make it look more put-together. 

3. Don't forget to accessorize

Shoes are the most important accessory that can make or break any outfit. However, socks and laces are a great way to amplify the look of your shoes. Since our honey boots are versatile for any occasion, you can let your personality shine through the small details. 

We also sell accessories such as matching honey belts and wallets so that your entire look is streamlined and not competing with other leathers.

Bottom line

Our honey boots are a great piece to add to your boot arsenal. They can be dressy and casual, and are easy to accessorize with. Next to the classic black dress boot, Our Sutro honey boots are a staple that every man needs to have in their closet.