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About Us

Heritage driven, handcrafted

Born and raised in San Francisco, Sutro honors the tradition of fine handcraft footwear that looks better with age. Clean lines, premium quality materials, and custom-made comfort features are at the core of each pair of Sutro.


Foot traffic matters

For 35 years as retailers in San Francisco, we listened to our consumers. Our human-to-human interaction allowed us to learn: what they look for in footwear, what was their comfort zone (sweet spot) in spending, how much comfort they expected from their shoes, and where in their feet they wanted this comfort.

Most importantly, we we saw that none of the brands on the market addressed all of these concerns. So we put together out combined engineering backgrounds and what we learned in our years in retail to make products that check all the boxes.

Today, we continue to take feedback from consumers and tweak our products to cater to what people are looking for.

Product details

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