Bethany Marie Co. X Sutro Collaboration

When planning towards the release of our new Spring style, Juanita, we wanted to join forces with an individual who embodies the lifestyle that the style represents. We've chosen to release this style through a unique collaboration with blogger and long-time friend, Bethany Marie, a Seattle-based fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Bethany, whose talents lie both in front and behind the camera, she shares her unique approach in style, along with glimpses of her intimate personal experiences, giving those following her a true, inside look into her life. By sharing her daily experiences in the city and weekend adventures in the wilderness, she embodies a laid-back Seattle lifestyle. Her style is unique, focused around simplicity and timelessness, her wardrobe consisting of rare vintage luxury pieces that she collects by diving through the aisles of local Seattle thrift stores. 


Juanita has clean lines, and like many of of the styles in our collection, it is deceptively simple; It's toe shape was designed to look good on the foot. Bethany does not tend to wear shoes with too much ornaments on them - she likes styles that are more quiet, but compliment her style well. Also, her active lifestyle requires comfort and a feature like its chunky heel allows for long term wear. Juanita is the perfect transitional piece for Spring and we're thrilled to be introducing this style to our collection through this direct collaboration with Bethany!

This style is available in a limited quantity and exclusively available online at