The beauty of a handcrafted shoe is that it is not uniform. The highs and lows in the tones of our uppers is achieved by a combination of burnishing and creaming processes which can only be done by hand and only on vegetal leathers. Chrome leathers already have an applied finish and do not respond to creaming. This is why chrome leathers look uniform, whereas vegetal leathers have highs and lows.


First bees wax is applied to large, soft rotating brushes. The heat generated by the friction of the rotating brushes, in combination with applied wax, darkens the areas on the leather where it is brushed.


We use vegetal creams sources from natural components such as tree barks and plants to add more color to our leathers. Different parts of the leather absorb cream differently, much like human skin. This natural reaction gives way to beautiful highs and lows on the shoes. This is a mark of our premium leather and true handcraft.


Entire Process:

  1. Brush leather with soft brushes
  2. Apply cream
  3. Let cream dry
  4. Brush with soft brushes to remove excess cream and add more life to leather
  5. Apply clear Bees Wax for protection of cream
  6. Let dry
  7. Final brush with soft brushes

The final coloring can only be achieved by the hands of skilled artisans who specialize in their work. The reward of this process is a beautifully toned shoe with natural highs and lows that dramatically enhances the look of the shoe and adds rich character to every pair. This approach allows for a more handcrafted look and allows the shoes to look even better as they age!


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