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Our Leather

Leather takes center stage in our product

We use full grain, premium leather with very little finishing on top. Premium leathers look natural, have natural markings, and have very little finishing or top coat. Most leathers in the market aka "Genuine leathers" are smooth & blemish free, which deceptively promote "high quality" in the eye of the consumer.

We purchase hides from small US farms where cows roam free. Often times, the marks on the leather are the results of the natural events that occurred during the life of the animal (birth marks, insect bites). We stay away from any tanning process that uses extra chemicals to cover the natural look of the leather and produce uniformity. Our approach is to highlight the timeless beauty of natural leather. This is what sets our product apart and adds a level of value to our shoes.


Learn about our process of Hand Burnishing & Creaming