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Differences Between Alder & Alder II

Alder vs Alder II Of all the questions we get asked by customers, one of the most frequent of all is, "What is the difference between Alder and Alder ll?" We'd like to highlight the key differences between one of our most popular styles, the Alder. Four Main Components The main differences between our Alder and Alder ll can be found within four main components of the shoes: the stitching, sole, laces, and welt. Stitching The toe cap stitching difference between Alder and Alder ll are slight, but significant. The original Alder has a seamless folded-over cap toe, while the  Alder ll has a toe cap with partial stitching and inverted seam. Laces Our earlier Alder designs came with round laces, but recently,...

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Sutro Adventures | Mojave Desert

Last month, Sutro got down and dirty in the hot desert heat. Talented friends and southern California natives Taylor, Nichole, and Roxette took a drive down to the dry, barren landscape of the Mojave Desert for a full day of shooting and they decided to take Sutro along for the ride. The result: some pretty epic shots!    Taylor Stoffers (photographer) gives us an inside-look into the concept behind the shoot and gives a run down of the day: Location: El Mirage, CA "We left Los Angeles with a fully packed car full of gear, models and of course fresh pairs of Sutro boots and shoes. The location I decided on was the dry lake bed of El Mirage just outside of Adelanto,...

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